SUREALestate: Tell Us Your Real Estate Horror Stories

CALLING ALL REALTORS, BUYERS, SELLERS, ANYONE WHO HAS EVER OWNED A HOME! PM Title is starting a fun blog that will tell people’s CRAZY stories about a real estate transaction they went through. It’s called SUREALestate!

In commencement to our fun blog, we are having a contest for the month of October called SUREALestate HORROR STORIES! From October 3rd until October 17th you can tell us your story and be entered in our contest. We will post the Top 5 Stories! For the BEST STORY, we will donate $200 to the charity of their choice!

The stories can be funny, scary, spooky, ridiculous, unbelievable, surprising, or all of the above!

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Tip of the Week: Why a New Loan Policy?

Hi, this is Daniela Adams with PM Title and this is your Tip of the Week. A common question we get asked is, why do I need to purchase another loan policy when I go to refinance my home? Reason being is because when you are refinancing, we are paying off your current mortgage. So the new lender or same lender requires a new loan policy for your new loan amount. If you have an owner’s policy, you may be eligible for reissue credit. This could save you money when you go to refinance. If you have any questions regarding your refinance or reissue credit, please give call me at 614-991-0827.